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Training sessions are at least 2 hours, depending on the number of participants sessions may run longer. We have classes some weekday evenings starting at 6pm, Saturdays at Noon. Class schedule varies and is posted on our private page for students.


ULTRA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING-ZERO DOES NOT encourage anyone to wrestle or become involved in wrestling shows until they are fully trained and have prepared for it. Injuries are NOT what wrestling is about, and we encourage all independent promotions and backyard groups to NOT take the concept of "extreme matches" too far. Please remember that this is, first and foremost, ENTERTAINMENT.


UCW-ZERO is located in Salt lake City, Utah and offers affordable Professional Wrestling training with an emphasis on working televised Professional Wrestling Shows. UCW-ZERO promotes and produces Professional Wrestling Shows and has been featured on T.V. News programs, KSL News, KUTV Talkin Sports and the FOX 13 Morning show and various other TV shows. Wrestlers trained by UCW-ZERO are now working with promotions around the country and have been on many televised wrestling shows including WWE, NXT, AEW, WWE TOUGH ENOUGH, LUCHA, UNDERGROUND, ROH, IMPACT WRESTLING, Championship Wrestling Hollywood, Arizona and Georgia, AAA, Ring Warriors and UCW-Zero's own Youtube channel.


Professional Wrestling is painful. Your body does take a beating, but with proper training and conditioning your tolerance levels will rise. Our motto is "MOTIVATIONAL PAIN" and you will be motivated to learn and thrive in the world of Professional Wrestling. It's not easy and you will typically not make a living in the independent promotions, but if you eat, breathe and sleep Professional Wrestling we can help make your dream come true.


We do not condone backyard wrestling but we know that a lot of people participate in this activity. If you are one of them we would like to invite you to see what wrestling in a real ring is like.


To arrange a tryout and to find out if you have what it takes, contact UCW-ZERO by E-Mail or you can call UCW-Zero at 801-699-7977. Tryout fee is $50.00 and consists in you participating in one full training class. If you decide to sign up for our training program the cost is $2500.00 for 12 months of training.

If paid up front there is a $300.00 discount. If you want time payments it is $300.00 down and 200.00 for 11 months. After you complete 12 months of training you may continue to train for a monthly gym fee which is currently $50.00 per month. We accept all major credit and debit cards .

Pro Wrestling School


UCW-Zero Professional Wrestling School
is now accepting  students.
The Wrestling School is located in West Valley City Utah just West of Bangeter Highway on 3500 South.


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