WEIGHT: 215lbs

HEIGHT: 5'7"

From humble upbringings in a small Idaho town to his 6 years of wrestling, Jaxon has been deemed many things such as The Pitbull, The Must See of Professional Wrestling and the self-proclaimed greatest superstar UCW Zero has ever produced. These labels do not come unfounded as Jaxon is UCW’s most recent Triple Crown winner while also holding tag team gold in Colorado, he has traveled the west and even wrestled against the Ascension on WWE Main Event in 2015. He is an old school technician with the flash and flair of new school athleticism. With his intensity unmatched and his abilities unlimited, it’s safe to say that Jaxon can be your best ally or your worst nightmare.


Signature Move:

Calf Kick


Finishing Move:


  • Facebook Black Round

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