WEIGHT: 245lbs

HEIGHT: 6'2"

As a young boy growing up in Mexico City and inspired by the late Eddie Guerrero, Guerrero Azteca always dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler.  In October of 2004 this Aztec warrior started break dancing with friends at UCW intermissions. In 2005 Guerro starting training under UCW stars Blitz and Derrick Jannetty.


Not suprisingly, Guerrero was a quick study and rapidly made his way up the ranks of the UCW.  In 2006, with Konan by their side, Guerrero won his first UCW belt winning the tag titles with his partner Los Mochi Paco.  Since then Guerrero Azteca has held the prestigious UCW Heavyweight Championship belt on two seperate occasions; once in July of 2009 and the other at the Mexi-Mania Festival in Provo, Utah that same year.  


Known for his brute strengh coupled with his high flying moves, Guerrero Azteca is making his return to the squared circle after a short hiatus. Guerrero is confident that he will once again rise to the top of the UCW if not the entire wrestling world.

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