WEIGHT: 165lbs

HEIGHT: 5'7"

Born in Durango Mexico (hence his name). He grew up there with a dream of becoming a wrestler that has become true. Ever since he was a kid, he enjoyed wrestling, and was involved in parkour, fighting, freerunning, tricking, and almost anything else with risk. His high flying and lucha style of wrestling reflect on his knowledge of parkour and freerunning, and using his surroundings to his advantage. Because of his size this goes well against many opponents for what he may lack in power and size he makes up for with speed, smarts, and flying. He believes in fighting to get want you want and he claims to fight his battles "through the air". Ever since joining UCW-Zero, Durango Kid has prefered to "do, not say". He says he's becoming "less of a man of words and more of a man of action" because he's learned to "SHOW" what he is capable of instead of "saying" it. He's learned that respect can go a long way and believes that not even the sky is the limit for him.

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