WEIGHT: 220lbs

HEIGHT: 6'0"

If ever there were a man who deserved applause, it would be Jayson Bravo. Since his debut in the 2010 Rocky Mountain Rumble, Bravo has strived to become one of the very best in UCW-ZERO. After a year of crowd pleasing, failed ambition, and missing what seemed a mark set too high, his struggle culminated after a loss to Derrick Jannetty. Having his hopes crushed yet again, he turned his back on the fans. Now he’s driven to be the very best by any means necessary, including breaking rules, or opponents, (with his trademark crowbar). Bravo is the 2012 Rocky Mountain Rumble winner, and has managed to beat some of UCW-ZERO’s top superstars. Names like Derrick Jannetty, and former Tough Enough contender, Martin Casaus. He’s also been in the ring with the likes of former WWE superstars Marty Jannetty, and Pat Tanaka. Not only will Jayson Bravo gain the respect and applause he seeks, he will rekindle his lost ambition, and prove, at any cost, that no mark is too high. BRAVO! BRAVO!!

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